cards in the mail

by brittniinink

Some people say that the tradition of sending cards is dying out, but our house is full of them. Draped over a string tied to either end of a curtain rod, climbing up our bookshelf, tucked in our little Christmas tree. My birthday also just passed, adding another batch of cards to our collection.

Words in the mail. By the time they reach you, you’ve probably already talked to the sender online, or even in person (!). But there’s something intimate about cards. Like, not romantically or anything, but rather the idea that someone wrote each word by hand, that they wrote it with you in mind, that only you or very few people will ever see what they wrote. It takes time to pick out or make the card, to write it, to look up your address, to attach postage, to find a post box. A lot goes into a greeting card.

I’m so glad greeting cards exist. They’re a wonderful example of how writing finds its way into our everyday lives and connects us with each other.