books in the mail!

This is a pretty new thing for me, opening my mailbox and finding a book inside.

Once, I had to order a book of poetry from Amazon for a mid-20th century British lit course. Our prof assured us the book would be online for much less than it would be in the university bookstore. Although he was right (I think it was less than $2 before shipping), I still felt anxious about the book actually showing up. I still remember how relieved I was when it arrived. I still have that book to this day.

This year, I ordered my second book from an online supplier. I had looked and looked for this book at the library, at Chapters – but, for some reason, this author was a tough guy to find. When I asked a friend of mine if she knew where I could borrow a copy, she directed me to A week later, the book I couldn’t find anywhere else showed up in my mailbox.

Now, I know it’s silly and kind of weird that I haven’t made better use of the internet to order books. My husband orders things from Amazon regularly and I have many friends who buy books online. Maybe I’m just used to books as physical objects that I can take down from a bookshelf and flip through, so there’s a disconnect when I see them as images and descriptions on a screen. Maybe I just prefer to happen upon books at secondhand stores. But this second book arriving has opened up so many possibilities, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ordering more books online in the future.

As for what the book in the mailbox was, you’ll have to wait until my Reading for February post for the unveiling 🙂



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  1. […] was reading a book (that came in the mail!) by Peter Rollins that touched on loneliness as a kind of “crucifixion experience.” […]

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