48 hr film

by brittniinink

Every year, WIFF hosts a challenge: you can sign up a team to write, film, edit and submit a 1-5 minute film in 48 hours. I participated last year, so was very excited when our friend got a team together for the 2017 iteration.

We went to the kick-off event. We met around our dining room table to brainstorm ideas for the film. Two hours later, a handful of us remained, putting the finishing touches on our script. It was incredible how clear the writing was. The five of us in that room got to experience the ease and enjoyment of being creative with people who are on the same wavelength.

We filmed for four hours on Saturday and edited into the night. Sunday, we had a mini editing party with some of the team and sent off our finished product with 30 minutes to spare. The quality of the film was impressive considering the time restrictions.

It was a good reminder that if you have a project you want to do, you should go out and do it. If we can make a decent short film in a weekend, why shouldn’t we make another one? And another one? And another?

P.S.: Our film is being shown at the FlickFest screening on November 1st. Check out all of the amazing films made by local talent!