The Patch Project, it’s happening

Five years ago, I wrote a novel.

For a long time, it sat in my inbox, followed by a rejection email from an acquisitions editor who had shown interest in the early chapters.

I had only shown the manuscript to one other person while I was writing it. Otherwise, I kept it close, told people I was working on it, but never shared anything beyond the first chapter.

About a year ago, I revisited the manuscript.

I rewrote it, filled in the cracks. The years since I’d read it gave me perspective, helped me to cut awkward sentences, fill out plot and character points.

I read it aloud to P.

I got feedback from some writing friends.

After reading it over a dozen times, I submitted it to EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing – and they accepted it!

But the reworking didn’t stop there. A house editor went over the manuscript with me, did three editing sweeps, asked questions and clarified muddy points.

Since the final manuscript came to be, I’ve had a dozen advanced readers, who’ve really helped me to see the story in new ways.

All this to say, writing can be a really private thing. But I’m learning that readers are the best thing that can happen to your manuscript. Readers that you trust, who can spot your bullshit and get excited about the best parts of your story.

And I can’t wait for March 19th, when the Kindle version of The Patch Project will be available for readers everywhere!


***The Patch Project is available for pre-order through Amazon or http://www.edgewebsite. com until March 18, 2018.

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