excited about writing again!

by brittniinink

Hey, I was just working on a novel and remembered why I like writing dream scenes!

There were quite a few in The Patch Project, mostly from May’s perspective. So I thought, why not write one in the sequel!

I’ve been working on part two of the sequel since April 1st. I thought if I set a goal through Camp NaNoWriMo, it would force me to finish the book. (I lost motivation about a month ago when I had very little free time.)

For the first week, it was great. I was consistent with writing and sometimes exceeded my target word count for the day. But once I got most of the establishing writing out of the way, I started avoiding the book. This happens for me pretty regularly – I LOVE starting stories, but once I get into the middle, my enthusiasm tends to dissipate.

Today, I had to write 900 words to stay on track (if I want to hit my goal by the end of the month!). And that’s where the dream scene came in.

Sometimes, dream scenes can be interesting filler, or a way of solidifying themes. For writers like Dostoevsky, they’re an important piece in exploring characters’ psychology and ideas. They create a surreal space, where the usual rules don’t apply, drenched in symbolism, in untold desires, in fear. They can show better than they can tell.

Maybe this is why I enjoy writing dream scenes. There’s room for play, ways to discuss relationships that would seem forced or out of place in the “real world.” There’s a focus on the intimacy of experience, of visual/auditory cues – a character can have a rotary phone for a head! Inanimate objects can move on their own! Myths can come to life!

Writing a dream scene helped spark my enthusiasm for writing again! If you’re feeling stuck, maybe try writing out a dream one of your characters would have – something bizarre, surreal, bursting with colour and sound and symbolism!