reading at the library

by brittniinink

I’m a huge fan of libraries. Libraries are essential public spaces where people can meet in a safe community and pursue their interests through library programs, reading groups, or just by browsing the shelves.

So it was really cool to be part of a reading event at the Tecumseh Library a couple of weekends ago.

I. Sylvano, another Windsor author, and I set up our corner of the library, not sure what to expect. The Tecumseh Library is out in the county, a bit of a trek for many of our city friends. At the last minute, we decided to change the format of our reading a bit. Instead of doing a lecture-style reading, where the author stands at the front, we moved the chairs into a circle.

We passed our books around, inviting each of the attendees to read a page if they felt comfortable. I. Sylvano enjoyed hearing the first chapter of his mystery The Red Handkerchief read aloud. After the initial reading jitters, everyone relaxed into the reading, laughing at the funny lines. We read a chapter of The Patch Project as well, which I loved.

Halfway through the reading, my husband got word that our friends’ baby had been born! It was a super memorable experience, and made that much better by happening in a library.


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