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First of all, The Patch Project is now available in all ebook formats as well as in print!

To celebrate, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is hosting a FB Live event on Monday July 16th at 7:00 pm (EDT).

I really enjoyed the one we did for the Kindle release back in March: it gave me the opportunity to meet some other EDGE authors who stopped by, as well as to give my friends a glimpse into the story behind my novella. This time, I’m hoping to engage with readers who are new to the book and writers who are interested in genre fiction! Stop by and ask me anything!

I’m also going be part of a blog tour starting Thursday, July 19th. For the next four Thursdays, four authors will be featuring each other’s books through interviews, Q and As, and creative what ifs. Check back here on Thursday for the first post featuring Ben Van Dongen’s new cyberpunk novella, The Thinking Machine!

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