fall things

This past week brought the first inklings of fall – I got to wear a sweater outside, it was glorious! And with the new season comes a renewed motivation to make things!

In terms of The Patch Project, I’m in the process of booking some tables at local events. I’ll post more info about these and possible readings in Windsor as they come up!

I went and started a vlog called “Not all writers.” When I was searching for writing vlogs on YouTube, the first ones that came up had impressive production value with well put together people in front of the camera. Just a heads up, my vlog is like the opposite. I’m planning to post a couple of times a week: this’ll help me track the process of my new manuscript and hopefully connect with other writers.

Totally unrelated to writing (or maybe super related), I learned how to make origami stars yesterday and have made an entire jar’s worth. I would edit a bit, then make three or four of them. Maybe my creative flow is telling me to take more breaks?

What are your creative plans for fall? Do you find it easier to write at certain times of the year? 

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