a little bit of this and that

September has flown by! It was a quietly busy month: getting used to a new work schedule, editing my new book, and catching up with friends.

Now that October is here in all its rainy glory, I’m working on getting The Patch Project to a couple of local events – I’ll post an update about that next week! Until then, here are some things I’ve been tinkering with:

Editing the sequel update: I’ve changed the manuscript title like three times! Also, I’ve been experimenting with footnotes – there were a couple of specific terms in the last book that I had to keep from being cut during the publisher’s edits (“in-betweening” being one). By using footnotes, I think I can provide quick context so the editors and the readers are all on the same page. Though, I may have invented grattaged.

Other creative things: my friend invited me to join her for this two-week creativity workshop. It’s online and features a different artist each day. The artists walk you through a mixed media activity and also provide insight on creative well-being. Although I haven’t done all the activities so far, it’s still helping me to focus on making art and being mindful about my process.


This past weekend, I participated in Run for the Cure, an annual event to raise money for cancer research and support for patients and survivors. We ran (walked, let’s be honest), didn’t get rained on, and had a lovely brunch afterwards.

This post turned out to be a little bit of everything! What does October hold for you?

3 responses to “a little bit of this and that”

  1. I don’t think you need footnotes. No one says a reader can’t look something up! Sometimes that’s a fun part of reading.
    Then again, you didn’t ask for my opinion.

    1. That’s what Peter said too 🙂 Some of the terms are super obscure art lingo though, so we’ll see how it pans out. Footnotes could be a fun stylistic thing, but I haven’t really used them in other places so it may feel weird. Maybe an appendix would be better? I don’t know haha! Thanks for your thoughts, Ben!

      1. I suppose it could be a cool choice.

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