filmtastic and other made up words

by brittniinink

This week’s post is a little late on account of the filmtastic weekend we had and the terrible cold/ flu symptoms that followed! On the mend now, thanks to our good friend’s gift of soup and apple juice and a lot of sleep.

48 Hour FlickFest


48-hr FlickFest was a grand time: we wrote the script Friday night, filmed all day Saturday, and edited the footage into a short film on Sunday. Although we missed the deadline by 13 minutes, I’m extremely proud of everyone who worked on it. It was also amazing to be co-directing with Peter. We’re a really good team, filling in for one another and depending on each other’s strengths on-set. I hope that making another film is in our near future!

UCC Neighbourhood Block Party


Photo by Sarah Kivell

In the middle of all the film-making, I took a short break to read at a neighbourhood block party. Kara Kootstra, a children’s author who read right before me, ended her reading by telling the kids that they could grow up to be authors and illustrators too – a real poignant moment for me. I had to follow it by saying that my book was not for children – I actually cut my reading short because I forgot the chapter gets into a bit of couch surgery, so… not exactly family friendly. But it was a comfortable setting, with a lot of positive energy, and I was super thankful to be a part of it!

Upcoming Event


From the Feminist Fair Facebook page

Next weekend, I’ll be at the Feminist Fair! Artists, writers, and activists will be there sharing their creative work. I’ll have copies of The Patch Project for sale, as well as some buttons. Check it out if you’re around Windsor on the 27th!