summer times

I took a bit of a break after finishing a first draft of my work in progress. It was good to have time to unpack my life a little, to slow down and focus on the day to day things.

One highlight was attending a reading my friend organized, FILR, at the Green Bean Cafe. Amazing poets and writers, a night that had a special kind of weight to it, the energy that says something important has happened here. Who knows what kind of important, maybe different for everyone. Connection, maybe.

Another highlight was taking a weekend to be by a lake with Peter. Having lived all my life in cities, I adore getting out of them. Finding new rhythms, waking up early to sit outside and listen to birds. Seeing more than three stars when I look up. Leaving my bike unlocked and the window open. A simple way of looking at these spaces, granted. But being in them gives me rest like nothing else.


I’ve also had a ton of time to read. Breathing the Page by Betsy Warland, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Steering the Craft by Ursula K. Le Guin – all books lent to me, I’ve just realized! It is wonderful to read writers who engage with their practices of creativity, and live with the paradoxical nature of making stuff. Highly recommend all of them if you need words from someone on the path.

I’m getting back into writing – I’ve been tinkering with a couple of post-apocalyptic short stories (one including a robot <3) in the interim, but I’m itching to get back into a bigger project. Maybe about black holes, because they are fascinating. Do you know what they call the stretching and squeezing effect on matter that gets pulled past the event horizon? Spaghettification. Amazing.


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