month of waiting

by brittniinink

September’s almost over. It’s been a month of catching up with people and around-the-house things, tinkering with low pressure projects.

One of those projects has been doing more art things! I’ve been trying to sit down and do a bit of mixed media or drawing every day. It’s a creative outlet with no expectations, and it helps me to reconnect with the world and with myself.

In terms of writing, I’ve been meeting up with a rad group of authors a couple times a week to write together! It’s been a wonderful way to stretch after working on one manuscript: sometimes I’ll free write, sometimes work on a short story. Also cool is getting to share space and talk with people about writing!

IMG_6193 (1)

September’s also been a month of waiting. An editor friend of mine is looking over the first draft of the novel I wrote as a ACHF project* – we’re discussing it this coming week, which I’m super excited and a little anxious about. Always a risk to put creative things out into the world. What if people don’t like it, what if it sucks, what if I’m not good enough? But I mean Keats wrote a long poem and critics didn’t like it, but he’s like, better that I dove into writing it than staying on the safe side, playing a silly song on a pipe and drinking tea and listening to “comfortable advice”. Now I know what to look for next time. [paraphrased]

I’m also still waiting on news about the sequel to The Patch Project. I can’t say much more than that, but I’m excited (and anxious) for that to develop in the near future as well.

Lots of editing in the next couple months, and hopefully a few events as well!  I’ll post updates here as dates approach.


*This novel project is possible thanks to the support of the City of Windsor and the Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund

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