projects end, projects begin

by brittniinink

After six months of researching, interviewing, writing a first draft, and editing, along with compiling time logs and budget charts, my Arts, Culture, and Heritage Fund final report has been submitted. I feel a lot of things: relief, contentment, a sense of clearness. I feel okay about putting the manuscript* to the side for now as November and new projects are about to begin.


This’ll be my 9th time participating in National Novel Writing Month, an international event that’s all about word counts! And having fun while writing! And writing garbage if you want to, or writing that story you always wanted to write! Writing whatever you feel like with the editing switch off and the creative doors and windows thrown open! I find NaNo super helpful in that it gets me to sit down and set aside time to write. I’ve never hit the 50 000 mark, but I’m going to really try to make it this year. To aid me in my quest, I’ve printed off a calendar from NaNo’s blog page and written down how many words I want to write on each day up the 15th. I tend to lag mid-month, so I may have to respec my daily word count at that point. Should be fun!


Speaking of fun, there’s a reading tomorrow (October 30th) at Biblioasis featuring Windsor authors Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen, who I know and who are stellar writers, and David Nickle, who I do not know but am sure is stellar also. Hope to see you there!


*This novel project was possible thanks to the support of the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Fund and the City of Windsor.

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