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The past few weeks, I did a couple of things I’d been putting off. One major step was posting about The Patch Project going out of print. There’s a long story to this, but suffice to say that the book is no longer available in ebook format and can no longer be ordered through the publisher. There are still some copies at Biblioasis, and a couple on Amazon, but aside from that, the last box I ordered is all that’s left of The Patch Project. It’s a wonderful thing to have a published book, and I am truly grateful to the publisher and the staff who worked so hard on making the book a reality. I posted about it on Instagram a few days ago, and was thankful for the messages I received. Thank you also to everyone who’s ordered a copy the past couple weeks as well! If you’re interested in a copy, let me know and I can mail or deliver (in the Windsor area) one out to you!


I also signed up for a free online course about modern art through MoMA. There are excellent art resources and activities for learners of all ages on their website. I always regretted not continuing with art history in my undergrad, and I feel almost giddy when I sit down to go through a module. I’ve also been writing away for Camp NaNoWriMo, and a few writing friends and I have been writing together (while in our own homes, of course, gotta keep that social distance) almost daily, which has been immensely helpful and encouraging.


Sometimes it feels like I’ve been home for months. Then I realize it’s been three weeks. I acknowledge the privilege of being able to stay at home, when there are many people who do not have that as an option. Admiration and solidarity for people who go out daily to deliver groceries or protest for the return of the bus service in Windsor. Also the people working in essential services and healthcare. Also the artists and creatives who are facing the challenge of cancelled events and performances. It sometimes feels unreal, the major changes that have been implemented in our lives. Hopefully we can approach these changes with compassion and take care of each other, even in the simple act of washing our hands.


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  1. Looking forward to what’s coming next from you, Brittni!

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