A Place That Used to Be – Update #2!

by brittniinink

Hello fellow humans. I’ve reached that state of self-quarantine where my husband and I made up a fake band based on our DnD campaign and recorded a song. It was impromptu and truly one of the greatest things we have ever done.

As promised, here is your weekly update on how the sequel progresses:

  • Full book edits were completed by the incomparable Amilcar John Nogueira! I’m now going through the suggested changes. Also trying to decide if I should restructure the entire first section. I deleted a chapter, which felt amazing. Also, I’ve cut down the number of times people smile and look at each other. Important tendencies to be aware of.
  • I’ve heard from the majestic Sarah Kivell that film is on its way to be developed! I’m eagerly awaiting the photos she took for the book cover. I love collaborative creative things like this.
  • I received some advance comments for the book from Alexander Zelenyj and Elizabeth J. M. Walker! I’m so thankful for their willingness to read the manuscript at this stage and provide their thoughts!

Coming up this week, Mirror World Publishing will be featuring a guest blog post I wrote about writing during self-quarantine. I’ll post a link here as part of next week’s post, or you can follow my Facebook or Instagram for a link the day of.

See you here next week for more sequel developments!