-A Place That Used to Be – Cover Reveal!-

Christian Laforet did a fantastic job designing the cover for A Place That Used to Be! Here’s the grand reveal, brought to you by Adventure Worlds Press!

Adventure Worlds Press

Cover reveal

A couple of months ago we announced that AWP would be releasing author Brittni Brinn’s newest novel, A Place That Used to Be. We are big fans of this book (and of Brittni herself!), and are very excited to see it released into the wild.

Due to the pandemic, some of our launch plans for A Place That Used to Be have been altered. There will still be a traditional launch and reading, however it is postponed until the world opens up enough for such gatherings. In the meantime, there will be a digital launch for the book, so stay tuned for info on that in the near future.

Alright, without further ado, we present the cover reveal for A Place That Used to Be by Brittni Brinn!

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3 responses to “-A Place That Used to Be – Cover Reveal!-”

  1. Can we do a group reread of Patch Project just prior to launch? I need to brush up, and it would be fun to do it together.

    1. Hi Scott! Sounds like a great idea!

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