book launch q and a part 2

by brittniinink

Thank you so much for everyone who submitted a question during the Facebook event! There were so many, I had to make this into a blog post!

Janine asked what surprised me the most during revisions for this edition.

I was really surprised by how prevalent of a character Ed was! Working on the sequel, I kind of focused on May and Pinot’s role in the first book more, so it was a surprise to go back and realize that Ed’s story is a huge focus in The Patch Project.

Joe asked on Instagram: Ever wonder what writing will be like in a post-pandemic world? Are all things changed?

Writing in sci-fi and post-apocalyptic genres, the future, and the way that the future might and will change, is an integral element to the stories we want to tell. I think all things are changed, and we won’t know how until we’re through this and can look back on it. Hopefully, we’ll change how we treat the Earth on a large scale, we’ll write about human connection in a way we couldn’t have imagined before. The global event has touched us all individually, and writers can hopefully voice some of those perspectives to help heal the post-pandemic world.

Elly asked, what reader feedback surprised you the most?

I think the reactions to the different characters! May and Ed are pretty polarizing characters it turns out! Some readers find May bland, while others find her fascinating. Some people like Ed’s arc, some don’t like him at all haha!

Nico (and Owen!) asked what I learned the most between editions.

Probably how important and difficult it is to market a book to a wider audience! The whole world that opens up after a book is published – it continues to be a lot of work. Writing the book isn’t enough it turns out in most cases, which is sobering and also exciting – the book is constantly gaining new life from new readers.

Hanan asks the hardest question: what is my favourite cover of my three books?

Can I say all of them? I really like this reimagining of The Patch Project, I think it and the sequel cover really compliment each other.

Caitlin asks: how did Peter make the cover?

I’m not entirely sure! There was a computer involved, and we talked about what kind of image to include. Then he did some design magic, and there it was!

Jennifer asked about an audiobook or movie.

I would love for this book to find another iteration as a movie or animated show or audiobook! Maybe after the pandemic, we can get some actors together and make one happen!

Thank you so much, everyone! Your support tonight was so appreciated! Hope that you enjoy this new edition of The Patch Project, you can find it on the Adventure Worlds Press website or on Amazon!