the results of the patch project fan art contest!

The Patch Project Fan Art Contest was a great time! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. And now, the moment has arrived to announce the winner!

Although there could only be one winner of the contest, I wanted to first highlight a few entries and give them fancy honorable mention titles. Because art is fun and whenever people take the time to make something, it deserves to be celebrated!

Award for wordsmithing the future

Hanan Hazime‘s entry combines visual art and text to create a thought-provoking post-apocalyptic mood, which I love! The found poem uses text from the Prologue to the upcoming third installment of The Patch Project series (which you can read here).

Award for making something hilarious

Peter Brinn knew what he was doing when he made this entry. This blank canvas is titled “Irene“, after the sometimes invisible character from A Place That Used to Be. Very cheeky!

Award for digital wonder

Elizabeth J.M. Walker was the first person to submit to the contest! Her piece reminds me of the cover of The Patch Project, with wonderful handwritten textures and a haunting face emerging from the landscape. Stunning!

And the winner is….

Robin Gibson posted this wonderful illustration saying he wanted to get his mental image of Pinot Noir down on paper – from the delightful detail of the safety pin in Pinot’s converse sneaker to the asymmetrical rolled-up sleeve, I’d say he did a fantastic job of capturing Pinot’s youthful punk energy!

Congratulations, Robin! Your signed copy of Where Long Shadows End will be sent as soon as the first batch of books arrives!

Speaking of book three, it’s getting very close to being ready for release! I’m reading over the final layout copy, after which we’ll finalize the cover and send off the book to the printers! Stay tuned here or on Adventure Worlds Press’s website for the release date, cover reveal, and book launch. Can’t wait to share the final installment of The Patch Project series with you all!


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