cover reveal and release date!

There’s excitement in the air this week as the buzz for Where Long Shadows Ends begins!

If you haven’t see the cover designed by the multi-talented Christian Laforet, what are you waiting for?

There’s so much that I love about it – from the long shadow-like trees stretching over the page, to the fire-orange young trees below, to the stark contrast of the black and white font! Let’s all take a second to give Christian his due – this cover is awesome!

It’s also been made official by Adventure Worlds Press: the release date for Where Long Shadows End is August 18, 2022! Just under a month away from this post! Stay tuned for more information on a book launch, giveaways, and more.

Speaking of which, is there anything you’d like to know/ see as we gear up for the launch? The event will be hosted online, so there’s lots of flexibility! Would you like to hear from the publishers, watch a reading, participate in a Q & A? A party? It’s the last Patch Project book after all!

Thanks to everyone who helped get this book ready for publication. I’m super looking forward to sending out the first copies next month and hearing what you all think about it!


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