promo materials

What’s my least favourite part of being an author? Marketing, of course! It’s such a crucial part of getting a book to more readers, but it’s definitely not a strong suit of mine. For book three, it’s my goal to improve in this area. I decided to start with promotional materials.

I might’ve gone a little overboard, but I’m super excited to have some extra goods to send along with book orders and have available for book events!

The stickers, bookmarks, and business cards feature the amazing cover for Where Long Shadows End designed by Christian Laforet. I had them printed with Vistaprint (oh hey, Windsor!) and the printing time was quick and overall quite affordable.

While the previous two books in the Patch Project series were released in 2020 when things were uncertain, to say the least, book three is coming out when I have a bit more financial stability and can spend a little extra on promo materials like these.

And how can you acquire said promo materials? Well, on launch day (August 18, 2022), there’s going to be an online event with prizes and special book order options. So stay tuned for that! Also, if you would like to be added to the pre-order list for Where Long Shadows End, let me know!


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