book launch for Where Long Shadows End

It’s hype time! Where Long Shadows End comes out on August 18th, 2022, and there are a ton of things to share!

First of all, Adventure Worlds Press is hosting an online launch event the evening of August 18th – there will be giveaways, readings, and more!

One of those giveaways has already started! There’s a post on the event page featuring the stellar stickers pictured below. Comment on that post with a question you’d like answered during the event (about the book or writing or robots, whatever) and you could be one of the lucky few who get mailed a free sticker!

[Image description: A row of stickers, a stack of bookmarks, and a fan of business cards all featuring the book cover of Where Long Shadows End are arranged around a card reading “Brittni Brinn: Author of The Patch Project Series” on a wood-grain table. The book cover has tall shadowy trees with new orange undergrowth and foggy bluish leaves in the distance with white and black text reading “Where Long Shadows End, Brittni Brinn”.]

Also, heads up for readers of this blog post only – there’s going to be a gift basket prize available as well! You’ll get one entry for each like or comment you make on the event page, so you can get in your likes early for a chance to win that mysterious bundle of goodness!

I’m stoked for an evening of book chats – especially because Where Long Shadows End is the last book in the Patch Project series. It’s been an incredible experience with AWP over the past few years and, even though the journey of this book into the world is just beginning, it feels bittersweet to be finishing up the series.

The Patch Project was the first novel I ever finished writing, and the fact that it’s had so many readers already (after plenty of rejection, major editing, and writerly angst) is amazing and humbling. Whatever comes next writing-wise, the Patch Project series will always have a special place on my bookshelf.

So, hope to see you on August 18th! Not sure if there will be cake. Maybe cake!

* If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, you can also check out the launch event for Knowledge Itself by Megan King and Shelly Campbell on August 16th – it’s going to be a full week of post-apocalyptic fiction!


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