post-apocalyptic fiction week!

It’s not a national holiday or anything, but let’s pretend that post-apocalyptic fiction week is a real thing! It’s going to be a fun week of fiction, featuring two releases that are sure to interest any fans of the genre.

The cover of Knowledge Itself , the first book in the Sol Survivors series![Image description: Young woman with long dark hair, black clothes and weathered jacket, and a crossbow slung over her back walks between a wall of metal debris and a stack of shipping containers in front of a huge orange sun.]

First up, Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing is holding an online release party for Knowledge Itself by Shelly Campbell and Megan King. I was really lucky to get to read an advanced reader copy of this one, and I’m serious when I say it’s one of the best books I’ve read all year! There’s a YA dystopian tone to this one as well, with a night-dwelling corporate society that uses tech-inspired slang. But what happens when one young woman who can’t make her brain fit into the rigid capitalistic structure discovers that it’s possible to live Outside? Honestly, the writing is so good, I cried whenever the characters shared food with each other-you’ll see why when you read the book!

Knowledge Itself comes out Tuesday, August 16th. Check out the release party over on Cursed Dragon Ship’s Twitch page starting at 8 pm CT.

The cover of Where Long Shadows End, book three in the Patch Project series! [Image description: Tall shadowy trees with orange and green undergrowth and misty blue fir trees in the background.]

To keep the party going, Adventure Worlds Press is hosting a Facebook event to celebrate Where Long Shadows End. The third and last book in the Patch Project series follows Pinot as she searches for her friend. Meanwhile, mysterious disappearances and missing trade caravans begin to point to a greater threat crossing the wasteland-and Pinot may be the only one who can stop it. You can get all the details about the book, including a pre-order link, by clicking the Patch Project Series link on the menu at the top of this page.

Where Long Shadows End comes out on Thursday, August 18th. The book launch is on Adventure Worlds Press’s Facebook page. The event starts at 7 pm EST with posts and giveaways. A Live reading and Q&A will start at 8 pm EST.

I’m super excited to see Shelly and Megan’s book out in the world, and I’m just as stoked to share more about Where Long Shadows End with you! Hope you can drop by these awesome book launch events as we celebrate post-apocalyptic fiction!

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