shape of the story

It’s the coldest day of winter so far here on the East Coast – a perfect time to make some tea and write this post that I’ve been procrastinating on!

Although I had some lofty goals for January, I ended up reading more than writing through the end of the month. I’m halfway through Gideon the Ninth and am loving it – it’s easy to see why it has such a passionate following! There’s nothing generic about the writing – every scene and line of dialogue feels natural and nuanced and there’s a real sense of discovery as you read through it! I also really like the mystery surrounding the characters and the sense that there’s more going on under the surface. Hopefully, I’ll have a review up for it soon!

I also got some book mail! World Running Down by Al Hess is coming out on February 14, and by some stroke of luck, the copy I ordered arrived early! I’m going to be posting about the book on February 16th as part of the book tour, so stay tuned for that!

I’m also reading through an ARC for a space opera novel! Not sure how much I can say on it yet, but so far, it’s really engaging! I’m still pretty new to reading ARCs (by folks I don’t know personally), but I can see getting into it more! Promoting other people’s books is way easier than promoting my own haha!

This weekend, I’ll be getting back to revisions for my body parts novella and hopefully picking away at my short story for the Adventure Worlds Press anthology. I have the shape of the story worked out, but am still stuck on how to wrap it up. Hopefully, sitting down with both documents open will lead to some progress!


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