together again for the very first time

I’ve been lax lately posting about my books. Between reading ARCs, posting about World Running Down for the book tour, and generally trying to keep my life organised, I haven’t had the brain energy. But yesterday, the weather was nice and I had a bit of time, so I took some photos!

It’s been on my mind lately that I only had one half decent photo of The Patch Project series. So I took my books out into the neighbourhood in search of interesting backgrounds and textures and took some pictures to use for everything from blog posts to social media features. Here are a few favourites!

Which one do you like best?

They’re not professional by any means, but it was fun walking around and probably getting weird looks for crouching down to get a good angle.

With February wrapping up soon, here are a few things I’m working on:

  • I’m reading a borrowed copy of The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson – so far, it’s intense!
  • Revisions on my body parts novella for a submissions period
  • Starting up my vlog on YouTube for the third time
  • Beta reading for a space sci-fi which has been super interesting so far
  • Recording a reading from Where Long Shadows End for an upcoming interview!

2 responses to “together again for the very first time”

  1. owenswainb59ac22df7 Avatar

    The tree stump, visually and as metaphor

    1. Yes! When I saw the tree stump, I knew I had to take a photo 🙂 Thanks Owen!

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