reflecting, unplugging, writing

While waiting for spring and other new things, I’ve been reflecting, unplugging, and of course, writing.

I submitted my novella for an open submission call! I thought I’d checked over all of my documents before sending them, but somehow, the title of the manuscript included my name – anonymous submissions were like the one thing they asked for! I emailed the publisher but never heard back, so I’ve accepted that it was probably a bust. Still, I’m glad I sent the book out and am hoping to take it through another round of revisions before sending it out again!

In addition to reading The Ministry for the Future, I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. Some standouts have been the new adaptation of Little Women and Catherine Called Birdy. Just incredible acting and costuming and scene work. I’ve also read three amazing books this year so far and featured them in my newly-resurrected vlog this week!

As part of reflecting, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve written and published so far and what I’m dreaming of getting published in the future. I even made a TikTok about the first thing I ever had published.

A short poem of mine appeared in UWindsor’s Generation Magazine in 2010 – this was before I even knew where Windsor was! It’s a cool touchstone in my life and in my writing, and is partly why I ended up choosing to apply to UWindsor!

I recently removed all of my social media apps from my phone, and the screen break has been amazing. Instead of scrolling when I feel bored or listless, I have to look around and take a minute to think about how I’m feeling and why, maybe. If I still want to check in on my social media, I take the extra step to opening up my laptop. It’s probably not a forever thing, but it’s been good for my brain.

Here are some things I’m hoping to finish up in March:

  • Beta read of Stargun Messenger by Darby Harn!
  • Writing a horror novella for a submission call
  • Finishing the first draft of my SF novella for AWP’s tenth anniversary anthology
  • Signing up for a revision workshop with the NS Writer’s Fed

2 responses to “reflecting, unplugging, writing”

  1. Removing you social media apps from your phone is a killer move. I doubt I realize how often I check them when I’m even a little bored. Might have to copy that.

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