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The Patch Project Fan Art Contest

It’s time! In honor of the upcoming summer release of Where Long Shadows End, I declare the Patch Project Fan Art Contest now open!

What is it?

The Patch Project Fan Art Contest is an author-run friendly competition encouraging the creation of art based on or around the Patch Project series! “Art” in the widest sense: everything from visual art, film, found poetry, crochet, comics, songs, to sketches on napkins, whatever medium you thrive in! Let your imagination go wild!

You’re invited to create something based on a character, relationship, or scene from the Patch Project series so far (The Patch Project itself or the sequel A Place That Used to Be) – or, what you’d like to see in book three! Ship your favourite couple, imagine what the S.U.s really look like, or whisk your favourite character away on an adventure of your choosing! 

All skill levels are welcome to enter!

When is it?

The contest will run from Thursday, April 14, 2022 to Thursday, June 30, 2022.

All submissions to the contest must be posted by midnight on June 30, 2022 (EST).

How do I enter?

Once you’ve created your piece of fan art (whatever it may be!), you can post it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #ThePatchProjectFanArtContest.

I will leave a like or comment on the pieces that I see – if you’ve posted something and don’t know if I’ve seen it, feel free to tag me: brittniinink on Facebook or brittni_in_ink on Twitter and Instagram.

What can I win?

The fan art that is deemed to be the “best” will win the artist a free signed copy of the third book in the Patch Project series, Where Long Shadows End! Plus bragging rights, of course 🙂

This is meant to be a fun and friendly competition, so the judging process will be casual. I will likely ask the folks at Adventure Worlds Press to help me narrow down the top five (although they don’t know this yet haha!)

Other rules

Only art that is directly based on the Patch Project series will be considered.

Be respectful of the social media platform’s rules you’re posting on. Submissions that are homophobic, transphobic, racist, or sexist will not be considered.

Submission language: English or with an accompanying translation/ subtitles. (This is more for word-based pieces; if your art incorporates words that don’t have to be understood (as in mixed media, for example) no translation is necessary).

Have fun!


If you have any questions or thoughts about the contest, feel free to let me know below or message me through my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

[Image description: The Patch Project and A Place That Used to Be books are on a wood surface surrounded by art supplies.]

(Note: This contest is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.)

awaiting feedback

Two things to report!

One: the first draft of Book Three of The Patch Project series is complete! It’s a book now! I’ve sent it out to first readers and am (totally not anxiously) awaiting feedback.

Although I’m curious to hear how people find the book, I also like this period of waiting. I get to work on other things (to distract myself from thinking about people actually reading a thing I wrote) and be creative in other ways.

Two: I came to the kind of sad conclusion that my space novel is not ready to be sent out to publishers. I had a particularly excellent one in mind, but while getting the manuscript ready for the open submissions call, I realized there were just too many parts that needed to be filled out. There are some parts of that book that I absolutely love, but it needs an overhaul to rework the book’s structure and characters to make it a more consistent read. For now, it’s on the backburner.

I also started working from home last month, so that’s taken some adjustment. But the work is writing-related, and I love getting to set my own hours and taking coffee breaks when I need to. It made me realize that I used to dread going to a workplace-even if the job wasn’t bad. Just something about a space where I was not myself, but a function, expected to behave in certain ways and ignore my own comfortability and needs, that really was hard to deal with. Working from home has been so low stress in comparison. I feel very fortunate to have found something that suits my needs at the moment.

So there’s good stuff happening. I also finally got to visit a thrift store (since I have my booster now) and found the comfiest shirt!

The aforementioned comfiest shirt: a red oversized flannel with small white and black plant fronds patterned across it.

More changes are on the horizon, but for now, just trying to stay grounded and thankful in the present. And be patient while I wait for feedback! Hopefully, I’ll be posting again sooner than later with more book and writing related things!

at the end of the year

Well here it is, the last blog post of the year! 2021 has been a ride, to say the least: I moved to a new province, got to spend a whole summer by the sea, submitted some short stories, and (finally) wrote the bulk of book three. In spite of the hard times, I’m thankful for getting to experience all of it.

I’m also thankful for all of the people who have uplifted my husband and I with their friendship, solidarity, board game and AEW wrestling nights. Some of you literally housed us, some of you shared meals with us, some of you sent us kind words when we needed them most. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

The year ahead is going to be a busy one. I’m hoping to have the first draft of book three ready for beta readers by the end of January. I’ll be looking for ways to balance work, creativity, and recharge time. I also want to find a writing group and more book-related events in the Halifax area.

Oh, and I wanted to show you all the wonderful photos that Sarah Kivell took based on book two of the Patch Project series! They’re part of the holiday giveaway that runs until January 5th! Here they are:

Photos by Sarah Kivell [Image description: six square photos of a suitcase, worn wall, and a sleeping bag set on a crate, respectively]

May you all have a safe and happy holiday season! See you in the new year!

holiday offer

Announcing a special holiday offer! It’s my first winter on the east coast, and so I wanted to do a little something to thank the folks who buy my books from near and far away! The offer is this: order a copy of A Place That Used to Be from me, and receive a photo for free!

Pictured above: Order a copy of A Place That Used to Be and receive one of these photo prints free!

What’s so special about a photo, you may ask. Well, the photos are part of a series directly inspired by the novel, and were taken by the incredible Sarah Kivell. She takes these amazing, dreamy film photos of everyday things and people, capturing stories with her camera. If you want to see the kind of work she does, check out her Instagram – I believe she even has a sale on some of her photos at the moment!

Here are all the details about this offer:

What: Order a copy of A Place That Used to Be directly from me (message me through my Facebook or website) and receive a free photo inspired by the book!

When: November 26, 2021 to January 5, 2022 (or as long as the limited supply lasts!)

Where: Anywhere! Shipping cost dependent on where you’d like the book sent.

How much: The book is $15, the photo is free, and shipping is $4 in Canada.

And there you have it! If you have any questions, let me know. To stay up to date with upcoming offers and events, follow me on Facebook or YouTube. Thanks, and take care!

The book, the photos, and some holiday cheer!

most wonderful time

It seems like the holidays are happening earlier this year as we all look for ways to make this current global season a little bit brighter! Christmas lights are going up, carols are playing in the grocery store, and masks are starting to sport festive patterns. Calls to shop local and support small businesses are ringing loud and clear all over social media.

If you know a person who makes things and sells them, consider supporting them this season! If you have a favourite local shop, consider picking up something – many places have curbside pick-up or delivery options available. There are also many free ways to support local artists and businesses alike! Share their work on social media (make sure you tag them!), leave a review online, or send them an encouraging message!

What are some of your favourite local businesses? Do you have a local artist or creator to recommend? Let’s share our resources and support in the ways that we can so this can be a wonderful time in a year that really needs some holiday cheer.

the patch project audio book

The audio book version of The Patch Project is currently available on Bandcamp! You can listen on the site or download the book on a pay what you can basis.


When deciding what to charge for the book, I was thinking about how so many people have already purchased a print copy. I didn’t want them to have to pay again for basically the same book. I also didn’t want cost to stop people from accessing the book, since covid continues to rage and work has dried up for many artists I know. Plus, I wanted to make the first book available so people who are interested in the sequel can be up to speed when it becomes more readily available. So, if you’re able to pay a few bucks for the book, feel free! If you’ve already bought a copy or don’t have the funds at the moment, listen for free!

Recording the book was a lot of fun. My husband and I used to co-host a podcast, and editing audio files and spending hours in a sound-proofed room is actually something I miss quite a bit!


The most challenging part of the whole process was accommodating two inexplicably needy cats. I could spend the whole morning with them, but as soon as I sat down to record, there they were, pawing at the door and meowing. Eventually, I just left the door open a crack so they could enter or leave as they pleased. There is one particular line in the audio book that I recorded directly after dealing with said needy cats: the part of the story is quite serious, but it sounds like I’m laughing.

Also, I recorded an entire chapter with something caught in my throat that no amount of coffee could fix! Aside from that, I feel like, all things considered, the audio book turned out pretty well.

Something else you may notice is that some words or sentence structures don’t quite match the printed version of The Patch Project. I’m currently revising the novel for a reprint with Adventure Worlds Press in the fall, and I incorporated a couple of those changes in the audio version. Also, some sentences were just really awkward to say aloud! I also cut adverbs and descriptors that I deemed excessive or contradictory. Reading aloud for an audience really changed how I look at the book, which is going to help a lot with further revisions!

So anyway, there’s the story of the audio book! If you give it a listen, let me know what you think, as I’m hoping to make more audio books in the future (I dream of a fully-voiced audio book with characters and a narrator who is not me 🙂 )!


-A Place That Used to Be – Cover Reveal!-

Christian Laforet did a fantastic job designing the cover for A Place That Used to Be! Here’s the grand reveal, brought to you by Adventure Worlds Press!

Adventure Worlds Press

Cover reveal

A couple of months ago we announced that AWP would be releasing author Brittni Brinn’s newest novel, A Place That Used to Be. We are big fans of this book (and of Brittni herself!), and are very excited to see it released into the wild.

Due to the pandemic, some of our launch plans for A Place That Used to Be have been altered. There will still be a traditional launch and reading, however it is postponed until the world opens up enough for such gatherings. In the meantime, there will be a digital launch for the book, so stay tuned for info on that in the near future.

Alright, without further ado, we present the cover reveal for A Place That Used to Be by Brittni Brinn!

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Sequel Update #4: Meet the Publisher!

Last week when I was putting the Q and A post together, I realized that I haven’t been talking much about the group of people who are making the sequel possible: that is, the wonderful folks at Adventure Worlds Press!

Adventure Worlds Press releases fringe titles including horror, science fiction, short story collections, and more! Founded in 2016, they are based in LaSalle, Ontario. And who are the people behind this press, exactly? Meet publishers and authors extraordinaire, Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen!

Christian Laforet

9568112Raised on a steady diet of horror movies and cheeseburgers, there are two things Christian Laforet knows: how to scare people and that a massive heart attack is nigh. Having foolishly gone to school for animation, which he was just so-so at, he realized one day that animation is hard, too hard. And, since he was quite soft (again, cheeseburgers, folks) he decided to try his hand at writing. Of course, when he wrote his first story, he was saddened to see that it was near-incomprehensible nonsense. It turned out writing is hard as well. But, being too old to try anything else, he decided to stick it out. Over the next few years, he managed to hook up with some other lazy bums, and they made a thing. Specifically, they made Adventure Worlds Press. Feeling pretty good about that, Christian patted himself on the back (not an easy feat after oh so many cheeseburgers) and got on with making more words. He’s had several books published (some co-authored) as well as a handful of short stories picked up by various anthology collections. He is working on his second novel (the first is in the dreaded purgatory known as…re-writes (dun dun DUNNN!)) and expects to be collecting his acceptance trophy for the first ever Nobel Peace Prize for a horror novel some time in the next few years.

Ben Van Dongen

20180311-ben-van-dongen-author-photos_002-e1522426152508Ben Van Dongen is not a robot powered by coffee. He was not programmed by a failed cosmonaut scientist from the future and sent back in time to save the word from an invasion from itself caused by video games and politics colliding in what some have called the worst best game that no one has ever played.
He is a human boy with dreams of going into space, but with none of the boring, dangerous, or scary parts (unless they are for the sake of drama and add something to the story). He is happiest when he’s not working, but feels unfulfilled when he does anything else. If he weren’t so lazy, he would have conquered the world by now given it up in glorious self-sacrifice, returned to right the wrongs of his successors, and finally figured out a way to meet the scientist who didn’t make him (because he is not a robot).
He wanted to make movies because as a human child, good movies would stay with him and keep him company when he couldn’t sleep at night. Then, he realized that making movies required other people and he didn’t want to let them down by not fulfilling his role as screenwriter. Incorrectly thinking that writing books was a solo task, he changed to that then spent the next twenty-years failing.
In 2013, he got together with some human friends and they decided to try again for the hundredth time. They wrote short stories and put them on the internet thinking that it would make them look cool. It didn’t but they kept at it and eventually wrote books that they release themselves. That’s how a group of plucky friends (the human kind) made Adventure Worlds Press.
Since Ben likes short books and working just enough to keep the bad feelings at bay, he started a novella series. The third book was just released in April and is the best thing he’s written, as the latest thing properly should be.
He likes doing layouts even though they are tedious. While he can position words and images on a page, he can’t make the images himself. The words, he can take or leave.
Currently Ben is working on a novel about the Earth being invaded and it’s not a training exercise for when the real thing happens and he fails to fulfill the programming given to him by the cosmonaut.

In Conclusion

And there you have it! A brief overview of Adventure Worlds Press. As you can probably tell, these guys are a joy to work with and I’m super excited to be publishing with them! You can check out all of the Adventure Worlds Press titles on their website. Christian just re-released his short story collection, The Space Between Houses, and Ben’s new book Broadcast Wasteland is available as well!

See you next week for another update on A Place That Used to Be!

these snowy days

This past week, I’ve been spending time with friends, hanging out, playing board games, and talking about writing. A very nice way to spend these snowy days!

I also had my picture taken by the super friendly and talented Elise Lappan. We met up at Juniper Books for a photo shoot on Saturday, where we explored the bookstore for thoughtful chairs to sit in and artistic shelves to lean against. I never know what to do with my hands in photos, but Elise put me entirely at ease. I can’t wait to show you how the photos turned out!


I’ve been reading a ton, which has been another good thing. Casey Plett’s Little Fish was definitely a highlight, and I also really enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle. If you want to see what else I’ve been reading, you can check out my Goodreads page.

Also, P. built a rink in our backyard! My Dad is a skating coach, and I have many fond memories of skating outdoors when I was younger. The ice turned out great, and I’m again impressed by P.’s ability to put together ambitious projects like these.



How do you feel about the snow? Any winter projects you’re working on?




print copies and reading aloud

Hey everybody! Lots has happened since the last time I posted.

First, the Kindle version of The Patch Project came out! The Green Bean Cafe hosted a reading, which was a lot of fun!


I read a few sections of the book and got to hang out and drink coffee with all the amazing people who attended.

A few weeks ago, the first print copies arrived!


Since then, I’ve been delivering books to friends and mailing off copies to family all over Canada.

Last week, I was invited to read as part of ChiSeries Windsor, a night of genre fiction writers sharing their work.


I think that night was when it became real to me, having a published book.

It’s been a long journey from writing the first draft to holding the printed copy in my hand, reading aloud for strangers and friends alike to hear. It’s a wonderful thing, and I’m super thankful for it.

I’m ready to see where that journey takes me next!


**The Patch Project is currently available on or through EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.**