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the patch project audio book

The audio book version of The Patch Project is currently available on Bandcamp! You can listen on the site or download the book on a pay what you can basis.


When deciding what to charge for the book, I was thinking about how so many people have already purchased a print copy. I didn’t want them to have to pay again for basically the same book. I also didn’t want cost to stop people from accessing the book, since covid continues to rage and work has dried up for many artists I know. Plus, I wanted to make the first book available so people who are interested in the sequel can be up to speed when it becomes more readily available. So, if you’re able to pay a few bucks for the book, feel free! If you’ve already bought a copy or don’t have the funds at the moment, listen for free!

Recording the book was a lot of fun. My husband and I used to co-host a podcast, and editing audio files and spending hours in a sound-proofed room is actually something I miss quite a bit!


The most challenging part of the whole process was accommodating two inexplicably needy cats. I could spend the whole morning with them, but as soon as I sat down to record, there they were, pawing at the door and meowing. Eventually, I just left the door open a crack so they could enter or leave as they pleased. There is one particular line in the audio book that I recorded directly after dealing with said needy cats: the part of the story is quite serious, but it sounds like I’m laughing.

Also, I recorded an entire chapter with something caught in my throat that no amount of coffee could fix! Aside from that, I feel like, all things considered, the audio book turned out pretty well.

Something else you may notice is that some words or sentence structures don’t quite match the printed version of The Patch Project. I’m currently revising the novel for a reprint with Adventure Worlds Press in the fall, and I incorporated a couple of those changes in the audio version. Also, some sentences were just really awkward to say aloud! I also cut adverbs and descriptors that I deemed excessive or contradictory. Reading aloud for an audience really changed how I look at the book, which is going to help a lot with further revisions!

So anyway, there’s the story of the audio book! If you give it a listen, let me know what you think, as I’m hoping to make more audio books in the future (I dream of a fully-voiced audio book with characters and a narrator who is not me 🙂 )!


send me your questions

Do you have questions about A Place That Used to Be? I’d love to answer them in a future vlog post!

Front cover

The book is currently available on Amazon! You can also request it through your local library or bookstore if Amazon’s not your thing.

I’ve been blown away by the interest in the book so far! Thank you for your support and excitement as A Place That Used to Be enters the world!

Also wanted to mention that has recently been updated! Thanks to Peter Brinn for making it look amazing!

now available!

A Place That Used to Be is now available for online order! Before you order from Amazon, please consider the following:

  • See if you can order the book through your local bookstore! Many businesses are offering curbside pick-up or other social distancing options.
  • Request the book through your local library!
  • Wait a few weeks: I’ll be getting an order of books to sell by hand, and I would be happy to sell you a signed copy!

The test copies just came in last week and they look amazing! You can watch the unboxing video here.


I’m still working on the audio book of The Patch Project. It’s been a lot of fun to spend a couple hours a day recording and editing the audio! Hoping to get that up on bandcamp in the next few weeks!

Also, stay tuned for news about an online book launch for A Place That Used to Be! Can’t wait to share more about the book with you!


Sequel Update #9 – Record

Last week, I said I had some news about a project connected to The Patch Project.

Since the book was published in 2018, I’ve been asked intermittently if the book would ever be available in audio format. I was really thinking about that a couple of weeks ago. Thinking led to doing, and as of today, I’ve recorded the first three chapters of the book. It’s nothing fancy, just me reading the words. I would have loved to get some actors involved to bring the characters to life, but given our pandemic-riddled world, it was easier to limit the recording to one reader.


Photo by Peter Brinn

I can’t say for sure when it’ll be done, but the plan is to have the recording available on sometime in the next few weeks. It will be a limited edition, so to speak, as the revised edition of The Patch Project will be coming out in the fall with Adventure Worlds Press. But until then, the book will be available to listen to, just in time for the sequel’s release.

Speaking of the sequel, I’ve been informed that test copies of A Place That Used to Be will arrive shortly. Once I’ve looked them over, the book will be ready for online sales. However, the online book launch will take place later on, once I’ve received the first official order of books to sell by hand.

Front cover

Cover design by Christian Laforet

Thanks for your patience while the book’s been in printing limbo – printing and shipping times were both longer than usual as (hopefully) social distancing and other precautions have been at play.

Hope you’re all staying safe and well out there! If you are looking for films to watch and have Netflix, some Studio Ghibli films were recently added to their streaming library! All of them are good (except for Tales from Earthsea. Just….don’t) – Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are good if you like epics, Howl’s Moving Castle if you like magical adventures, Castle in the Sky if you like airship pirates and nature-loving robots, and Whisper of the Heart if you want a coming of age story about being creative!


Sequel Update #8 – Cover to Cover

Last week, Adventure Worlds Press released the cover Christian Laforet designed for A Place That Used to Be! In case you missed it, here it is:

Front cover

It was a bit of a process getting to this final, awesome design. Originally, I’d asked Sarah Kivell to take photos we could use for the cover. She’s an incredible photographer, and I love the work she does with film. The results were inspired by the book; I especially love this one:

Sarah 6

But the best laid plans, as they say. Although Christian and I went back and forth with ideas about how to use Sarah’s photos in the design, nothing we came up with did them justice.

Christian obliged me by putting together some free-form covers, but they didn’t fit what we were looking for either.

The turning point for this cover was when we discussed a couple of images from the book. I mentioned that there’s a scene with a rabbit skull in the third part of the novel, and Christian asked if I’d prefer a photo or drawn graphic.

The result is this striking cover that features a rabbit skeleton that Christian made himself. Amazing!

It taught me a lot about creative collaborating. Although it’s wonderful to have complete creative freedom, it’s important to have some kind of direction or structure. Also, not everything you want to happen is going to work out. The project isn’t a chemical formula. Although I’m really sad that we didn’t get to incorporate Sarah’s photos, I’m thankful that Christian used his talents to make something that only he could make!

That’s our cover story. Hope you like it!

Coming up next week – I’ll tell you about a side project I’ve been working on connected to The Patch Project!

Do you have a collaborative experience like this one? What are some creative things you’ve made with collaborators?

-A Place That Used to Be – Cover Reveal!-

Christian Laforet did a fantastic job designing the cover for A Place That Used to Be! Here’s the grand reveal, brought to you by Adventure Worlds Press!

Adventure Worlds Press

Cover reveal

A couple of months ago we announced that AWP would be releasing author Brittni Brinn’s newest novel, A Place That Used to Be. We are big fans of this book (and of Brittni herself!), and are very excited to see it released into the wild.

Due to the pandemic, some of our launch plans for A Place That Used to Be have been altered. There will still be a traditional launch and reading, however it is postponed until the world opens up enough for such gatherings. In the meantime, there will be a digital launch for the book, so stay tuned for info on that in the near future.

Alright, without further ado, we present the cover reveal for A Place That Used to Be by Brittni Brinn!

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Sequel Update #7 – A quick note

Sarah 1

Photo by Sarah Kivell

Hi friends! Just wanted to fill you in on a couple of developments with A Place That Used to Be:

  • The book has been sent to the printers! After I get the test copies, I’ll be able to put in a full order and narrow down a release date!
  • Christian Laforet put together a stellar cover that we’re both super excited about! Adventure Worlds Press is going to be posting a cover reveal in the next couple weeks, stay tuned!
  • I still have a few copies of The Patch Project available for purchase if you want to be up to speed with the story so far! Although it’s not required to read this book before A Place That Used to Be, it sets up some character points that are important to the sequel.

Hope you’re all doing well out there. If you’re looking for resources on anti-racism or ways to support Black Lives Matter, check out last week’s post for a starting list. There are so many online resources about ways to support the Black community at this time.


Sequel Update #6

Hi everyone!

There are many ways to support Black Lives Matter and the anti-racism protests currently happening worldwide. If you haven’t already, consider how you can support with the resources and energy you have available. Racism is alive and well in Canada, and it’s up to all of us to actively speak out against discrimination, hatred, and the system that continues to oppress Black people and silence their voices. Their voices deserve to be heard and celebrated!

Here’s a starting list of resources (Note: I did not create any of these resources):

Anti-racism resources: A living library

Black Organizations And Anti-Racist Groups Canadians Can Support Now

Detroit Justice Center

Ways You Can Help

Dear White People, This is What We Want You To Do

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Goodreads List of 2019 Fantasy and Science Fiction Books by Black Authors

Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (Video Game Content through


Sequel Update #5 – Exciting Stuff!

Some exciting stuff happening this week as we get closer to A Place That Used to Be‘s release. We haven’t settled on a solid launch date, the world being what it is, but I’m hoping for late June! In the meantime, here’s where the sequel’s at!

  • Ben Van Dongen of Adventure Worlds Press once again proves he is a rock star at book layout! The manuscript proper is all ready to be sent to the printers!
  • Christian Laforet (also of AWP) is working on a stellar cover design! Stay tuned for the cover reveal in the next few weeks!
  • There’s a book trailer! You can watch it on and share it from my YouTube channel.

It’s so exciting to see all the pieces of this book come together. Ben said it best in the Meet the Publisher post last week: being a writer/ author is not a solo undertaking! I’m thankful for the wonderful people I get to share this book journey with.

Also, I forgot to share a link to the article I wrote for Mirror World Publishing’s positive creativity series. You can read it here.

Until next week, hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there!

Sequel Update #4: Meet the Publisher!

Last week when I was putting the Q and A post together, I realized that I haven’t been talking much about the group of people who are making the sequel possible: that is, the wonderful folks at Adventure Worlds Press!

Adventure Worlds Press releases fringe titles including horror, science fiction, short story collections, and more! Founded in 2016, they are based in LaSalle, Ontario. And who are the people behind this press, exactly? Meet publishers and authors extraordinaire, Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen!

Christian Laforet

9568112Raised on a steady diet of horror movies and cheeseburgers, there are two things Christian Laforet knows: how to scare people and that a massive heart attack is nigh. Having foolishly gone to school for animation, which he was just so-so at, he realized one day that animation is hard, too hard. And, since he was quite soft (again, cheeseburgers, folks) he decided to try his hand at writing. Of course, when he wrote his first story, he was saddened to see that it was near-incomprehensible nonsense. It turned out writing is hard as well. But, being too old to try anything else, he decided to stick it out. Over the next few years, he managed to hook up with some other lazy bums, and they made a thing. Specifically, they made Adventure Worlds Press. Feeling pretty good about that, Christian patted himself on the back (not an easy feat after oh so many cheeseburgers) and got on with making more words. He’s had several books published (some co-authored) as well as a handful of short stories picked up by various anthology collections. He is working on his second novel (the first is in the dreaded purgatory known as…re-writes (dun dun DUNNN!)) and expects to be collecting his acceptance trophy for the first ever Nobel Peace Prize for a horror novel some time in the next few years.

Ben Van Dongen

20180311-ben-van-dongen-author-photos_002-e1522426152508Ben Van Dongen is not a robot powered by coffee. He was not programmed by a failed cosmonaut scientist from the future and sent back in time to save the word from an invasion from itself caused by video games and politics colliding in what some have called the worst best game that no one has ever played.
He is a human boy with dreams of going into space, but with none of the boring, dangerous, or scary parts (unless they are for the sake of drama and add something to the story). He is happiest when he’s not working, but feels unfulfilled when he does anything else. If he weren’t so lazy, he would have conquered the world by now given it up in glorious self-sacrifice, returned to right the wrongs of his successors, and finally figured out a way to meet the scientist who didn’t make him (because he is not a robot).
He wanted to make movies because as a human child, good movies would stay with him and keep him company when he couldn’t sleep at night. Then, he realized that making movies required other people and he didn’t want to let them down by not fulfilling his role as screenwriter. Incorrectly thinking that writing books was a solo task, he changed to that then spent the next twenty-years failing.
In 2013, he got together with some human friends and they decided to try again for the hundredth time. They wrote short stories and put them on the internet thinking that it would make them look cool. It didn’t but they kept at it and eventually wrote books that they release themselves. That’s how a group of plucky friends (the human kind) made Adventure Worlds Press.
Since Ben likes short books and working just enough to keep the bad feelings at bay, he started a novella series. The third book was just released in April and is the best thing he’s written, as the latest thing properly should be.
He likes doing layouts even though they are tedious. While he can position words and images on a page, he can’t make the images himself. The words, he can take or leave.
Currently Ben is working on a novel about the Earth being invaded and it’s not a training exercise for when the real thing happens and he fails to fulfill the programming given to him by the cosmonaut.

In Conclusion

And there you have it! A brief overview of Adventure Worlds Press. As you can probably tell, these guys are a joy to work with and I’m super excited to be publishing with them! You can check out all of the Adventure Worlds Press titles on their website. Christian just re-released his short story collection, The Space Between Houses, and Ben’s new book Broadcast Wasteland is available as well!

See you next week for another update on A Place That Used to Be!