wonderful authors

The Windsor Small Press Book Fair was this past Saturday! I had a great time sharing a table with fellow authors Elizabeth J.M. Walker and Alexander Zelenyj!


If you haven’t come across Alex or Elizabeth’s work before, you should definitely look them up. Not only are they super chill and thoughtful people, they are wonderful authors.

Alexander Zelenyj’s newest collection, Blacker Against the Deep Dark, weaves together terrifying melodies, counterbalanced by the distant note of a better world. His books are for adult readers and blend literary, horror, and science fiction styles into his weird and wonderful stories.

Elizabeth J.M. Walker’s new book, The Boy Who Owned the Forest, is a collection of illustrated short stories about many magical places, incorporating thoughtful reflections on creativity and belonging. Nicholas Beckett’s illustrations are whimsical and striking, and add another layer of the fantastic to each story. Her books range from middle grade to older YA fiction.

The Book Fair was super fun overall – I met a couple of new authors, visited my author friends at their tables, and picked up a few neat things – including The Neon Heart by Ben Van Dongen!


Thanks to everyone who came out to support on Saturday, and thanks to ZED Press for organizing the event!

4 responses to “wonderful authors”

  1. Looks like you had a great haul. Thanks again for your help on The Neon Heart!

    1. It’s so exciting to see the book in its final form! Congrats!

  2. Great seeing you Brittni!

    1. We should do this again sometime!

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