time is such a weird thing

Thanks so much to everyone who came by to say hi at the Halifax Forum Flea Market yesterday! Had some great chats at my vendor table – it felt great to be out in the community with my books! I’m hoping to join more markets and events as we get into the summer, so stay tuned!

My vendor table! [Image description: A grass-patterned tablecloth is set with two rows of books, the top row featuring the front-facing copies of the Patch Project series, the second row featuring the back covers. An old-style suitcase filled with books and a sign reading “Post-Apocalyptic & Science Fiction” and a framed price list take up the top left-hand corner of the table. A quilted square of blue, green, and purple material is on the bottom left corner with business cards and postcards set on it.]

Today marks the two-year anniversary of moving to Nova Scotia! Time is such a weird thing, especially after the pandemic – it feels like it’s been forever, but also feels like no time at all! I flipped through my journal entries from the first few months here, most of which were spent at the family cottage. There was so much I couldn’t have anticipated about how living on the east coast would go, so many wonderful moments and challenges between then and now.

Two years ago, right after moving to the east coast! Something that has not changed is how much I love this tree and this coffee mug. [Image description: It’s me with short brown hair wearing black-rimmed glasses, a hoodie over a purple shirt, and a colourful scarf, holding a large pottery mug standing in front of a yellow-flowering tree.]

Not too many writing updates this week. I have the last meeting for the novel revision workshop on Tuesday. It’s really motivated me to get back to editing the body parts book, misplaced, which has been my main project the past few days. Waiting to hear back about a few writing opportunities, but when I have more news, I’ll let you all know!


2 responses to “time is such a weird thing”

  1. I love your tablecloth!

    1. Oh thanks! It’s a piece of fabric that someone gave me, I like the bright texture 🙂

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