books are here!

You read that right! Copies of Where Long Shadows End are now available through your local library or favorite bookseller!

It’s been a busy few weeks with the book launch on August 18th and a few giveaway draws! Congrats again to Karl and Brady who won free signed copies of the new book!

Some of the giveaway prizes from the Where Long Shadows End book launch! [Image description: A notebook, novel, sticker, and bookmark featuring the cover of Where Long Shadows End by Brittni Brinn on a cloth purple and silver background.]

Now that books are here, I’m signing them and sending them out, getting them into local bookstores like Bookmark in Halifax, and looking into book fests and craft fairs – anywhere I can get a table! It’s that high point when a book is fresh off the presses and the motivation to get it out to folks is high as well! I’m riding that energy while I can!

The complete Patch Project trilogy! [Image description: Hand holding three books fanned out with Where Long Shadows End on top in front of a rain-streaked screen background.]

If you do give the new book a read, or if you’ve read the previous two books in the Patch Project series, leave a review or add the series on Goodreads! Would love to hear about what you liked (and didn’t like) about the books! Plus, reviews are an easy way to boost your favourite books and authors in the algorithms and help new readers find them!

Thanks to everyone who’s sent messages or already ordered a book! You all make this book-making part of the process worth it!


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